CDT Failure – What should you do?

If you are subject to Service Law then you will have been subject to a compulsory drugs test. If you are unlucky then you may find that you have failed the CDT and tested positive for a controlled drug. This article identifies some of the factors that you need to consider if that happens toContinue reading “CDT Failure – What should you do?”

Military Acronyms

Baffled as to what the document you are reading is referring to? Fear not – the Ministry of Defence has compiled an acronym index. This 402 page document has everything from r/g (min) (rounds per gun (per minute)) to YO (Young Officer under training). And who knows when you’ll need a RAID? Find the entireContinue reading “Military Acronyms”

After Interview, Before Charge

This article is relevant to investigations by both the military and the civilian police. If you have been interviewed by the police you will not always have been given a decision about your case straight away. There are a number of possible outcomes, which we set out in our article about speaking to the Police.Continue reading “After Interview, Before Charge”


At some point in your career you may find that the service or civilian police want to talk to you about more than the weather. In this article we tell you what to expect and what might happen. Every case is different, and you should take legal advice about the specific situation you find yourselfContinue reading “SPEAKING TO THE POLICE; MILITARY AND CIVILIAN”


One Saturday morning in April, Mrs Smith got a knock at the door, it was 0630 and Sgt Smith was asleep upstairs. It was the Royal Military Police, they wanted to come in and search the house. If you are living with a service person or a civilian subject to service discipline and they areContinue reading “CAN THE SERVICE POLICE SEARCH OUR HOME?”