About Us

Our online guides do not constitute legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice, contact a solicitor or public access barrister.

Matthew Bolt – Cornwall Street Barristers (Shrewsbury) and 9 Bedford Row (London)

Sarah Magill – Lincoln House Chambers (Manchester) and 9 Bedford Row (London)

Matthew is a military historian as well as a barrister and can identify an obscure cap badge last used in 1881 at 100 yards. Sarah is the only civilian in three generations of her family. Both are self-employed barristers who specialise in representing service personnel in both the civilian and the military justice systems. They are dedicated to ensuring access to justice.

Both are instructed via Solicitors or directly by the public.

This website was the natural progression following the publication of articles on various subjects in regimental magazines, thereby now making this information accessible to all members of the military for free.

Sarah and Matthew are available for in-person unit briefings and can be contacted using the form below.

For professional (case booking) related queries, please contact them via their chambers’ clerks by clicking on their names above and going to the ‘contact’ section of their website.

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